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Albuquerque #9 by Richard Diebenkorn 2018-12-19T15:16:13+00:00

Project Description

Richard Diebenkorn

Albuquerque #9 

Albuquerque #9 is an example of Abstract Expressionism. Diebenkorn painted it in 1952 while he was enrolled in the MFA program at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. By this time in his life, Diebenkorn was already quite an accomplished artist. Diebenkorn’s works from this period illustrate the influence of New Mexico’s texture, shapes and colors on his style.  Diebenkorn always maintained that all his work was a reaction to the reality that surrounded him, most often landscapes. Indeed, the influence of New Mexico’s desert landscape is unmistakable in Albuquerque #9: the black and red borders and the pink hue under the rich golden earth tones emerging at the left-hand border of the canvas capture the desert. The paint is thin, the lines loose, and the composition improvisational. Clearly, the shapes and colors of the desert were Diebenkorn’s inspiration but this work is an abstraction with a perfect balance of flat shapes created by delicate layering of colors on the canvas.


Artist: Richard Diebenkorn
Title: Albuquerque #9
Date: 1952
Medium: Oil on canvas
Type: Abstraction
Dimension: 68 3/4 x 60 in. (174.63 x 152.4 cm)
Collection: The Buck Collection at the UCI Institute and Museum for California Art
Copyright: © 2018, Richard Diebenkorn Foundation